Customer Service

How do I qualify for a coupon code?

Coupon codes are generated at DFH events and are also used for our Monthly Specials. As a patient, these can be obtained from your Health Care

Why does the label say "Not for sale in California?"

This pertains to the California regulation called Prop 65.  If you need more information on this matter please visit

I am an existing Customer, how do I get help?

For all issues and inquiries relating to existing accounts and orders or are an existing customer and have a technical issue, please sign into

What is a practitioner code?

The Practitioner code can be obtained from a Designs For Health registered Practitioner. Orders placed by customers without a valid practitioner code will

What is your shipping policy?

Online Ordering Orders over $175.00 for Practitioners and $49.00 Patients receive FREE Standard ShippingOrders less than $175.00 for Practitioners

How do I set up a practitioner account?

To set up a Professional account with DFH, simply log onto, click "shop online" then "log in." You will then

How can I order your products?

Please contact customer service by calling 1-800-847-8302 or emailing to find a healhcare provider in your

Why am I signing a new RxDFHend?

We are asking our customers to sign a new RxDFHend agreement.   The fight against online discounting is very important to Designs for Health and this

How do I setup a patient account?

for direct patient ordering accounts, navigate to and then to "Shop Online," on the top right corner.  then, on

Updated RxDFHend Agreement

Does Designs for Health provide bulk order discounts?

Shipping discounts are available depending on the order that is placed(product amount/weight/price total) Price discounts for bulk orders is available for

What is your Return Policy?

Return Policy:   • Proof of purchase is required. • Unopened items may be returned within 30 days, except for private label or heat

How do I place an order?

You may email your order to, Click "shop online" on our website, Fax your order to 206-333-0408 

Is Designs for Health manufacturing facility gluten free?

 Our manufacturing facility only use ingredients that do not contain gluten. 

How do I submit a request for DFH Health E-Store?

To submit a eStore simply navigate  onto, Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under the Practice Development click on the

How to use 2 coupon codes?

Call our Customer Service Representatives at 860-623-6314

How do I choose drop ship with no invoice?

Just change billing address with your order and it will ship with no invoice.

Does Designs for Health sell products in stores?

No, Designs for Health products are not available for sale in stores. You must have a referring practitioner to order our products. If you are a

What practitioner types are accepted to become a registered Designs for Health retailer?

Designs for Health, Inc. (DFH) products are offered at wholesale pricing only to individuals identified by DFH as qualified healthcare practitioners (QHPs)

How can I get your list price catalog of products to sell on my web with a discount?

We are a professional line only and only sell to healthcare providers. In addition, we do not allow online discounting.

How can I obtain a product catalog for patients?

We are professional line only. Please contact your healthcare provider for product recommendations. We do not distribute our catalog to patients.

Can I get your phone number to speak with a representative?

We are professional line only. Please contact your healthcare provider for product recommendations. We cannot offer individualized clinical advice or

Can I purchase products from your company?

We are professional line only. We only sell to licensed healthcare providers. 

Where can I locate the PaleoMeal® Plus Lean Body Program literature?

Please see attached information materials on the PaleoMeal Plus Lean Body Program.

Where can I find the complete nutritional information for your products?

We are a professional liine, so you would need to get this information from your healthcare provider. Our entire line is gluten free and if a product

Do you sell on Amazon?

We do not authorize the sale of items on ebay or Amazon and recommend for the safety of the consumer to avoid purchasing Designs for Health Products on

How do I setup direct patient ordering

If you are a health care professional and would like to allow direct patient ordering, please contact our Customer Service at 1.800.847.8302 to opt-in

Do you have pure encapsulations magnesium Citrate or anything comparable?

We have a MagCitrate powder.

Does Designs for Health offer samples?

You may contact your Health Educator or Referring Practitioner for product samples Interested in DFH products and do not have your own Health Educator,

Can only health care professionals order from your company?

Yes, we are a professional line only, so we sell to healthcare providers only. However, there are some distributors (i.e. vitacost), that are products are

Where can the Fit by Design DNA test be ordered?

Please see link:

Does DFH have an affiliate program?

No, we only have online e-store for healthcare providers. We do not have affiliate programs.

How do I log into the Partner Center?

To log in to you Partner Account  simply log onto,  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and under the Library tab

How to change My Account Preferences?

 Navigate to the home page and click Shop Online  and locate the Log in link on the top right corner of the site.  Once logged in, in

What is your heat sensitive shipping policy?

    Heat Sensitive Shipping Policy Designs for Health has certain items that are sensitive to higher temperatures/higher humidity levels and may

Can I purchase any products at all without a practitioner ID?

As a patient you are required to have a practitioner code to order.  As a practitioner, you are required to sign up on our website and register as a

Where are your products manufactured?

We have two manufacturing facilities, one in Montona and Nevada.

How do I get product brochures?

  You may contact your Health Educator or Referring Practitioner for product brochures.

How do I get help?

Simply type your question in the search box above to get instant answers. If the answer if not provided please use the icon on the bottom left of the

What is a good supplement for 16 year old female with ADHD

Neurolink, Brain Vitale, XanthOmega Krill Oil. 

What's your mailing address?

Our mailing address is 980 South St Suffield, ct 06078

What are the ingrediants in C+BioFizz Effervescent Powder?

There is 2446 mg (ascorbic acid), 78.3 mg (calcium ascorbate), 45 mg (magnesium ascorbate).

What is your MSM source?

It is synthetic.

Can I still get QAvail100 mg ?

It is discontinued. We have a new Coq10 100mg that should be available in about a month. Until then, your best options are our CoQnol 100mg or Q Avail 200

Do you have cod liver oil?

We do not have cod liver oil in our line. However, we do have many Omega-3 products in our line that can help support this.

Do you have an anti oxidant called Pycnogenol?

No, we do not have Pycnogenol.

Do you still carry the EssentiaMeal, meal replacement powder?

No, we no longer carry the EssentiaMeal. The PaleoMeal is more comprehensive.

When can a person notice any benefit when taking Arthoben?

Research with Fortigel® and Verisol® showed significant effectiveness at about 3 months, but results continue to improve at 6, 12, 24mo, as

How can I add multiple quantities my cart?

By putting the quantity of the item you want to purchase and then clicking Add to Cart.

Do you offer a discount for practitioners?

We have professional wholesale pricing for healthcare providers. Please call customer service for more information.

Do you offer samples?

We only give samples to healthcare providers. They need to request this from their health educators.

How do DFHealth-e-stores work?

Our development team is very good at styling the DFHealth-e-store after a doctor's current website, so it can be a seamless transition. As far as

Do you do International Drop Ships or Patient Direct Ordering?

No we do nto ship directly to patients Internationally.

I have not used Designs for Health for a couple of years and can't find my access password?

Accounts that have not ordered within 2 years may be deactivated. Please call our Customer Service Representatives to activate your account or to obtain

How do I add a coupon code after purchase?

 Coupons must be used at the time of purchase. You may call our Customer Service Representatives for help with this issue.

Problem creating a new account who do I contact?

Call our Customer Service Representatives at 860-623-6314

How do I download a Clinical, Nutrient Call or Webinar?

Navigate to and login to your account. On the top of the page click on the Research & Education tab and choose the 

Are all your supplements made in USA?

Our magnesium is sourced from ALBION minerals, the leader in mineral technology. This is a US company. 

I need help regarding an allergic reaction to inflammatone.

Please call me directly at 860-752-7443. 

I purchased the liver detox and I am looking for instructions to get started?

Please see attached file.

Is Amino Detox a registered item in Canada?

Yes, the Amino-D-Tox is registered in Canada.

Do you manufacture your own supplements?

Yes, we have two manufacturing facilities.

Does Designs for Health offer Flexible Spending Accounts?

Designs for Health does not accept Flexible Spending Account cards for payment.

Are there any cancellation fees associated with the DFH Health E-store?

There are no cancellation fees associated with the DFH Health E-store

How do my patients order?

Patients can order from the Practitioner directly or from or call into the Customer Service line of Designs for Health.  If the

How do I cancel my order?

- If your order has already been processed, it cannot be cancelled. You may call our Customer Service Representatives at 860-623-6314 for

How to change your Email Preferences.

Navigate to the home page and click Shop Online  and locate the Log in link on the top right corner of the site.  Once logged in, in the

Please give me the telephone number of an agent. Connect me with an agent!!

We are professional line only. Please contact your healthcare provider for product recommendations. We cannot offer individualized clinical advice or

I'm looking to lose weight and replace my lunch meal, which product would be good for me?

We are professional line only. Please contact your healthcare provider for product recommendations. We are required to maintain the role of the supplement

Do you still make magnesium malate chelate?

Yes, use the magnesium malate product. There was only a minor formulation change. This will have the same benefit. 

Do you have any research material supporting the efficacy of IBsynergy?

Please see attached. 

Do you have a meal replacement shake recipes?

Please see the attached. 

Do you have a multivitamin for teens not in pill form?

We have a multivitamin in a powder form called Vitavescence powder.

Where are B12 Lozenges now found?

Type in vitamin B12. It should show up.

Is metabolic synergy safe while breastfeeding?


Where can I get the Energy Essentials Test Kit Flyer

Please see attached.

What do I do if i'm having a technical issue with My Account

Please feel free to send us a email tat or call 860 804-4800 and we will assist you with any issue you are

How do I obtain the power point presentation for the weightloss program?

Please contact your health educator

Do you have any samples for Periobiotic toothpaste?

Unfortunately, we do not have samples of this product.

How many brain power sours are in a case?

It is a case of 10 bags (8 chews per bag). 

On the detox program it states to visit for recipes. Where do we find these?

Please see attached booklet. Where did you see this link?

Where is the patient detox questionnaire located?

Please see attached. Thank you.

Do I receive a discount for using your products for student research?

If you are a healthcare provider you should be able to get wholesale pricing with a student account. Please contact customer service.

How do I change e-store credit card monthly payment details?

To update or change the Credit Card we have on file for your account please contact our customer service department at 1-800-847-8302

how do i get access to my account that haven't logged into in a long time?

If you cannot access your account first try to reset your password from the login page.  If you cannot reset your

What is Designs for Health doing to combat the unauthorized sale of products online and in retail?

Designs for Health is a professional line of supplements and medical foods.  We do not sell to retail stores or directly to consumers.  All

Is Pediafocus discontinued?

Yes it is.

Does Designs for Health keep my order on file?

Yes, all orders are kept on file. No orders are deleted from our Sales Tracking System

How do I change my account email address?

To update your email address for your account Navigate to the home page and  Log in.On upper right corner of the screen click on MY ACCOUNT. On the