Account Creation

What is a practitioner code?

The Practitioner code can be obtained from a Designs For Health registered Practitioner. Orders placed by customers without a valid practitioner code will

How do I set up a practitioner account?

To set up a Professional account with DFH, simply log onto, click "shop online" then "log in." You will then

Updated RxDFHend Agreement

How can I order your products?

Please contact customer service by calling 1-800-847-8302 or emailing to find a healhcare provider in your

What practitioner types are accepted to become a registered Designs for Health retailer?

Designs for Health, Inc. (DFH) products are offered at wholesale pricing only to individuals identified by DFH as qualified healthcare practitioners (QHPs)

Does Designs for Health offer samples?

You may contact your Health Educator or Referring Practitioner for product samples Interested in DFH products and do not have your own Health Educator,

How do I setup a patient account?

for direct patient ordering accounts, navigate to and then to "Shop Online," on the top right corner.  then, on

Problem creating a new account who do I contact?

Call our Customer Service Representatives at 860-623-6314

How do I submit a request for DFH Health E-Store?

To submit a eStore simply navigate  onto, Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under the Practice Development click on the

Can I set up an International Account online?

An International Account cannot be set up on-line. Please email your request to Sandra Butkiewicz at

Can I purchase products from your company?

We are professional line only. We only sell to licensed healthcare providers. 

Where do you source your lecithin?

Our lecithin is sourced from soy or sunflower and is Non-GMO. There is one exception and that is our Phosphatidylcholine 40% powder. This is from GMO soy.