Shipping & Delivery

Why does the label say "Not for sale in California?"

This pertains to the California regulation called Prop 65.  If you need more information on this matter please visit

I am an existing Customer, how do I get help?

For all issues and inquiries relating to existing accounts and orders or are an existing customer and have a technical issue, please sign into

What is your shipping policy?

Online Ordering Orders over $175.00 for Practitioners and $49.00 Patients receive FREE Standard ShippingOrders less than $175.00 for Practitioners

Does Designs for Health provide bulk order discounts?

Shipping discounts are available depending on the order that is placed(product amount/weight/price total) Price discounts for bulk orders is available for

What is your heat sensitive shipping policy?

    Heat Sensitive Shipping Policy Designs for Health has certain items that are sensitive to higher temperatures/higher humidity levels and may

Is the Periobiotic Toothpaste Heat Sensitive?

No, it is not heat sensitive.

How do I choose drop ship with no invoice?

Just change billing address with your order and it will ship with no invoice.

Do you do International Drop Ships or Patient Direct Ordering?

No we do nto ship directly to patients Internationally.