What is your heat sensitive shipping policy?



Heat Sensitive Shipping Policy

Designs for Health has certain items that are sensitive to higher temperatures/higher humidity levels and may require shipping in a cool environment depending on your location and time of year. For example, we recommend probiotics ship year-round in a cool environment. All PaleoBar™ and softgels should ship cold from May 1st through September. We recognize that in most cases you can logically make that decision on your own, but recommend that if the temperature is above 80 degrees, regardless of US location, you may ask to ship these items in a cool environment with cooler bag and cold packs. These items are subject to special shipping procedures due to their sensitive nature. We have these procedures to ensure our customers continue to receive products in good condition. Designs for Health recommends that Heat Sensitive Products ship out in a cooler bag and be received by customers within 72 hours of order fulfillment. Any products damaged in transit may be returned provided Designs for Health is notified within 24 hours of the time and date that the customer received their order.

Heat Sensitive products ordered after 4:00 PM EST Thursday or before 4:00 PM EST on Friday will be shipped out Monday. Customers may elect to have their order ship in its entirety on Monday or choose to split their order and have only their heat sensitive products ship on Monday. If the customer elects to split their order Designs for Health’s regular shipping policies will apply with the exception that the value of the combined orders will determine the shipping charge on the "regular" order.

Designs for Health reserves the right to automatically add chargeable cooler bag(s) to any heat sensitive order, at their discretion, unless customer account is noted otherwise. If a customer chooses not to have Heat Sensitive Products shipped in a cooler bag the customer must take responsibility for these items and agree that we will not accept a return of the heat sensitive item(s) and a "Refused Cooler Bag" note will be entered on the order.

Designs for Health's Heat Sensitive Policy recommends shipping coated PaleoBars with ice packs if the temperature is above 80 degrees. 
However, with nationwide temperatures and heat waves from 90 to well over 100 degrees, Designs for Health recommends not shipping any bars or Brain Power Sours if the temperature is forecasted to be above 90 degrees at both the shipping point & shipping destination, unless you receive your order within 1 business day.

Designs for Health can hold your order until temperatures decrease below 90 degrees in either location; or you may choose to expedite your shipping at an additional charge.

If you decide to ship your order ground and it takes 2 or more days to reach you, DFH cannot accept the responsibility of melted product.

A remedy in the past for this action has always been to put the product in a room temperature environment and the bars should return to its normal state of consistency. 

For further questions or inquires to this matter please contact customer service at 860-623-6314.


Heat sensitive items year around:


PBDF20- Probiophage DF ™ 120 capsules per bottle


PBDF60- Probiophage DF ™ 60 capsules per bottle


PRB120-Probiotic Synergy™ 120 BIO-tract Probiospheres


PRO060-Probiotic Synergy™ 60 BIO-tract Probiospheres; recommended shipping Cold Pack or Cooler Bag. Nonreturnable item. 


PRO120-Probiotic Synergy 120 gm Powder. Recommended shipping Cold Pack or Cooler Bag. Nonreturnable item. 


PROS60-Probiotic Supreme CRT 60 caplets. Recommended shipping Cold Pack or Cooler Bag. Nonreturnable item. 


PRPH60- PrePhage™ 60 capsules



Heat sensitive items (80+ degrees):


ALLS60-Allicillin 60 softgel 


ANTS60-Annatto Tocotrienols with Black Cumin Seed Oil 60 softgels


AST060- Astaxanthin 6 mg, 60 softgels 


BSP80C-Brain Power Sours (Raspberry) case of 10 


CCBARC-Cocommune Bar Case of 18 Kit 


CCMBCC- C.C Meal (Dark Chocolate/Cherry Flavored) case of 12


CHMTFC- Chocolate Mint Fiber Bar, case of 18


CLA090-CLA Softgels 1000 mg 90s 


COMTPC - ChocoMint DF™, case of 12


COQ050-CoQnol™ Ubiquinol  50 mg 60 softgels 


COQ100-CoQnol Ubiquinol 100mg 60 softgels 


DIM060-DIM-Avail 60 softgels 


DIM120-DIM-Avail 120 softgels 


GLA060-GLA 240 mg 60 softgels 


ODHA60-OmegAvail Ultra DHA 60 softgels


ORG060-Oil of Oregano 150 mg 60 Softgel 


ORG120-Oil of Oregano 150 mg 120 Softgel 


OPO060-OmegAvail Hi-Po 60 softgels 


OAL120-OmegAvail Marine 120 softgels 


OV1000–OmegAvail TG 1000 60 softgels


OVG120-OmegAvail Goldfish 120 softgels


OVS090-OmegAvail Synergy  90 softgels 


OVS180-OmegAvail Synergy 180 softgels 


OVU120-OmegAvail Ultra 120 softgels 


OVU240-OmegAvail Ultra 240 softgels 


OAD120-OmegAvail Ultra TG with Vitamin D3, K1, K2, Lipase. 


OAM8OZ-OmegAvail Liquid 8oz. with Natural Lemon Flavor


OAS16Z-OmegAvail Lemon Drop 16oz 


PBARCC-PaleoBar™ Chocolate Coated Case of 18 Kit 


PBARVC-PaleoBar™ Vanilla Almond Case of 18 Kit 


PBARBC-PaleoBar™ Mixed Berry Case of 18 


PBARMC-PaleoBar Mixed Case of 18 


PBMBCC-P.B. Meal Bar Case of 12


PCS180-Phosphatidyl Choline 420mg


QEN100-Q-Evail 100 60 softgels 


QEN200-Q-Evail 200 60 softgels 


UGEC60-Ultra Gamma E Complex 60 softgels 


XOS060-XanthOmega Krill Oil 60 softgels 


XOS120-XanthOmega Dark Red Krill Oil 120 softgels 


Heat sensitive items (90+ degrees):


PBDFAC - PaleoBar™-DF Chocolate/Almond Case of 18

PBDFCC - PaleoBar™-DF Coconut/Almond Case of 18