How to best take GI-Revive powder?

GI Revive is best taken on an empty stomach. As far as doing, please contact your healthcare provider for product recommendations. We are professional

What is the maximim dosage recommeded for GI Microb X?

We typically use GI Microb-X at 2 capsules TID between meals for one month. Please contact your healthcare professional for personal recommendations.

What is the recommended GI Revive dosage?

One tablespoon daily is the recommended dosage. You can double that dosage if you would like and it is best taken on an empty stomach.

What is the GI microb-x dosage?

The serving size is one capsule, however, dosing varies significantly depending on the application.

How does a person take the Arthroben product?? I couldn't find the ingredients information.

Take 1 1/2 tbsp. daily or directed by your healthcare provider. It is best taken on an empty stomach. 

Any dosing information on ginger-tussin for children?

Our serving sizes are based upon a 150 lb individual, so dose according to body weight. We are professional line only. Please contact your healthcare

Why did the scoop size change on PaleoCleanse powder?

Yes, only the serving size went back up from 18 grams to 36 grams. It use to be 36 grams several years ago.   

What form of magnesium is in the mag gel? What dosage is needed for a mild magnesium deficiency?

The magnesium form is magnesium chloride. 1/4 tsp = 150 mg elemental magnesium.  

How much magnesium is in one dose of MagneGel?

There is 150mg of magnesium in 1/4 teaspoon of MagneGel.

Should Catecholacalm be taken at night?

This product can be taken any time throughout the day. Practitioners will dose this product specifically for different applications. Please contact your

How do I use the L-Glutamine powder?

Mix in water on an empty stomach.

Can acetyl glutathione be taken with food?

S-acetyl-glutathione can be taken with or without food. The absorption should not be affected either way. I have no research supporting it crossing the

I am wondering what is the maximum daily dosage of UT Synergy ?

The serving size is 2 capsules per day. Any other dosage recommendations are the role and responsibility of the treating clinician depending on the

Will some people feel worse before they feel better when in the process of healing the gut? This particular person is taking the glutamine powder.

I would try reducing the dose and if still an issue, she may want to try the capsules if it is a taste issue. Glutamine and Aloe 200x can be used if the

How much water do I use with each packet of mix?

Eight to ten ounces is enough. 

How many grams of protein are in 8 oz serving of Whey Cool?

24 grams.

Does the L-5-MTHF product contain anything synthetic? Also, can it be taken out of the capsule and mixed into a drink?

All L-5-MTHF is synthetic but in the bio-identical form. It is a trademarked ingredient, Quatrafolic. Yes, it can be taken out of the capsule. Thank you.

What is the dosage per capsule for Ovaben Inositol?

1 capsule contains 800mg of Myo-Inositol and 50mg of D-Chiro-inositol. The serving size of 4 capsules contains 3200mg of Myo-Inositol and 200mg of D-Chiro-

What is Fem-Guard dosage?

Two capsules BID with meals.

How much Neuromag do i take in comparison to other magnesium supplements

There is 144mg of elemental magnesium in the 3 capsules of NeuroMag. The 2000mg is from L-Threonate. You can still use your typically doses of magnesium

How much and for how long can one take Silvercillin without causing Argyria or "Blue Man Syndrome"?

Silvercillin is completey distinct and different from tradtional colloidal silver. Argyria (blue man syndrome) has only been seen in cases of colloidal

How do I find the common dose for a product?

For dosage and supplemental facts information navigate to and search for the items in the search bar on the top

How much Arthroben can I take?

We are professional line only. Please contact your healthcare provider for product recommendations. We cannot offer individualized clinical advice or

Is coffee allowed when on the PaleoCleanse plus?

Yes, it is restricted for optimal results on the detoxification program. 

What is the serving size of Phosphatidyl Serine Powder?

Each serving of the phosphatidylserine powder contains 200mg phosphatidylserine and 120mg phosphatidylcholine. 

How many grams of sugar is there in Purepea chocolate?

There is no sugar in the product. We use stevia and natural flavors to sweeten the product. 

Please advise the daily dosage of Magnegel.

There is 150 mg of elemental magnesium per 1/4 tsp. 

What is the dosage instructions for Digestzymes?

This product is designed to take with meals. Most people take 1 to 2 capsules with meals.

How much Silvercillin Liquid should I take daily for an eye infection ?

We can not offer individualized clinical advice or instruction on specific patient cases.  We are required to maintain the role of the supplement

Did you change the formula or doseage in the Melatonin SRT?

The melatonin SRT is a new product. There has only been one lot of this product. We still have our Melatonin 3 mg. 

Organic RYR: How many milligrams in in your RYR. It says 1.2 grams. Thank you

One capsule is 600 mg. 

There is a new label on the L-lysine. The mg per capsule info is not on there or on the product page. Can you tell me how many mg/ capsule the L-lysine is please?

750 mg per capsule.

Please publish the mg dosage of the MMC120. I thought I was getting 500mg but the bottle says 350.

It is the same product. It had a minor formulation change. The Magnesium Malate was changed from a table to a capsule. Capsules are better absorbed

Should amino D-Tox be taken alone?

We are professional line only. Please contact your healthcare provider for product recommendations. We cannot offer individualized clinical advice or

Should Emulsi-D3 be taken sublingually?

It is taken as a liquid and can be taken with a sublingual product. 

What is the therapeutic dose range for C3 Curcumin Complex?

Three capsules daily should be sufficient. You may also want to consider Inflammatone. 

Does BroccoProtect contain active Myrosinase enzime to yield Suforaphane through Glucoraphanin reaction?

No, but this is a trademarked raw material with demonstrated effectiveness in clinical studies. I would recommend consuming this with steamed broccoli for

What level of antioxidants are in Essential Greens Powder?

One serving has the equivalent antioxidant capacity to 2 servings of fruits and vegetables based on ORAC and our PaleoGreens has 4 servings of fruits and

Can a pregnant woman take two packets of Prenatal Pro™ Essential Packets per day?

Yes, to get the full dosing of the individual products  you need to take two packets per day.