What is in the NatureFolate™ blend?

NatureFolate™ is a blend of natural folates including those from spinach. The folate forms found in NatureFolate are 5-

I was wondering if you had a protocol that you recommend for SIBO? Thanks

The phages (cocktail) included in Probiophage-DF are very selective/targeted to E-coli and are most useful in SIBO caused by this organism (one

What is the source of the vegetable cellulose in your prducts?

The vegetable cellulose is simply the vegetable capsule sourced from North American trees. There is no corn in this product. 

Is Tapioca Dextrin in Paleocleanse Paleo-friendly?

Tapioca dextrin is a plant starch and vegetable cellulose is a plant fiber. These are not sugars. In addition, these are listing in "other

Do you have a wheat free/corn free/soy free/dairy free Calcium supplement with Magnesium?

Our Calcium Malate Chelate, Cal/Mag 1:1, and Cal/Mag 2:1 supplements are free of wheat, corn, soy, and dairy. Thanks.

what is MTHFR enzyme info for NatureFolate - 5-MTHF and 5-FTHF

NatureFolate™ is a blend of natural folates including those from spinach. The folate forms found in NatureFolate are 5-

Why was magnsium oxide added to the magnesium glyicinate chelate product?

This is a buffered magnesium product and always has been. Just recently however, we have been to disclosed to the buffering agent, hence the Mg oxide

How much magnesium is in one dose of MagneGel?

There is 150mg of magnesium in 1/4 teaspoon of MagneGel.

Ingredients in Arthroben?

No. Arthroben only contains flavocoxid (a botanical source) and collagen peptides (a bovine source). 

What are the sources of the maltitol and erythritol in Cocommune bars? What are the "natural flavors" listed in the ingredients? Is there any MSG in these bars? Are any ingredients GMO?

The sugar alcohols are derived from corn. The "natural flavors" are proprietary and these suppliers do not give out that information

What is the source of your quercetin?

Quercetin is derived from rutin that is derived from Saphora japonica.

What are the floramyces ingredients?

No, there is no rice flour in our product. Amazon is not an authorized seller of our products, so we can not guarantee anything sold on Amazon. .

What type of phages are in your PrePhage for Probiophage?

PrePhage blend consists of: Myoviridae T4D, Myoviridae LH01, Siphoviridae LL5, Myoviridae LL12. Please contact your healthcare

Does Pure Paleo Protein Powder contain iron?

There is no iron in this product.

What is the source of your Vitamin D in capsules?

Our vitamin D is from lanolin.

Is Phosphatidylcholine powder made from a Non-GMO soy source?

The phosphatidylcholine powder is not Non-GMO. There is not a source available at this time. Every lot in our product line is tested for purity, potency,

Is your NatureFolate contain the "L" form?

Yes, our Nature Folate blend is a combination of L-5-MTHF and calicum folinate which is not an issue with MTHFR. 

Ultra Gamma E

Yes, we include the mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols consisting of alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta tocopherols and tocotrienols. 

Is the glandular bovine or porcine in the Adrenal Complex ?

Our adrenal glandular is from bovine cattle (BSE- free Argentina). 

Does Metabolic Synergy have iron?

There is no iron in Metabolic Synergy. 

Do your product contains gluten?

All of our products are gluten free.

How much Magnesium is in Neuro Mag?

There is 144 mg of elemental Magnesium in the full serving (3 capsules), so just dose according to that.

What is the genistein in osteoben made from?

It is a botanical source, Sophora japonica. There is no soy in Osteoben.

Why do you use Ascorbic Acid in your GastroMend?

Vitamin C has anti-H. pylori activity as is healing to tissue as well. Our vitamins are bio-identical sources in the forms that exist in nature. Some may

If someone is allergic to shell fish, is there any type of omega fish oil that can be taken

There is no shellfish in our fish oil products.

May I see the ingredients list of a product?

Log into your account and click on the item. The information will be under each product.

What is the country of origin that manufactured Inositol Powder?

It is synthetic, so yes it is vegan. We do not give out of vendor information. We are an NSF-GMP facility and ever lot is tested for purity, potency,

Is your METABOLIC SYNERGY 180 VCAP (MET10) gluten free and tree nut/peanut free?

There is not gluten in our line and no nuts in this product. 

Are Amino Acid Synergy synthetic?

They are a synthetic source. 

Is GI-Revive gluten free


What is your Phosphatidylserine sourced from ?

Our PS 150 product is sourced from sunflower lecithin. 

Is Arthroben gluten free?

Our entire product line is gluten free.  

What is your DHEA derived from?

Our DHEA is sythetic. It is chemically synthesized in a lab.

What are the ingredients in arthroben?

Flavocoxid and collagen peptides. Each serving contains 250mg of Flavocoxid, which is a mix of two herbs with a long traditional use in Asia as natural

Do any of your supplements contain methylchloroisothiazolinone?

No, this is not in any of our products.

Is GI Revive GMO-free?

The capsules are Non-GMO. Soy lecithin is not an active ingredient. It is part of the flavor in the powder and listed in the "other ingredients",

Is Osteoben gluten free?

There is no gluten, dairy, sugar or soy in Osteoben. The genistein is coming from a botanical source (Sophora japonica).

Does gi microb x have the same drug interaction precaution as grapefruit and grapefruit juice because it contains grapefruit seed extract ?

No, it doesn't. This is a seed extract and not all the components that you would have in grapefruit juice.

Is GI MicrobX corn free?

Yes, it is gluten and corn free.

What is the amount of glycine in mag glycinate?

There is 600 mg of glycine per capsule.

Do you have a multi-vitamin that contains methylcobalamin and folate?

All of our B12 sources in our line are in the methylated form. In addition, we have no folic acid in our line, only bio-identical forms of folate. We have

What are the MagneGel Ingredients?

MagneGel consists of water, magnesium chloride, and hydroxypropyl starch phosphate. It is a vegan product.

How many calories are there in a dose of arthroben?

No calories. The flavoring is under 1g and therefore, nothing is listed.

What is the source of the gelatin used in your soft gel vegetarian supplement?

Our gelatin in our soft gels are from a bovine source.

Where do you source your lecithin?

Our lecithin is sourced from soy or sunflower and is Non-GMO. There is one exception and that is our Phosphatidylcholine 40% powder. This is from GMO soy.

Do you have a supplement containing Asparagine

The best source to get asparagine is from the amino acids in protein powder especially if you want multiple grams of it. Take Whey Cool. If sensitive to

How do I the find ingredients for products?

Refer to the ingredients tab for the specific product on

Pure Paleo, does it have any grain products?

There is no grains in this product. 

What is the purity of Omegavail Goldfish?

Yes, all fish oil products are molecular distilled these days and mercury, pcbs, and heavy metals are not an issue.  DFH only procures fish oil

Is your cal/mag 1:1 yeast and corn free?


Who is your provider for the S-Acetyl Glutathione?

We do not give out our vendor information. 

How much protein is in paleomeal

There are 17 grams of protein in our PaleoMeal products. 

What form of inositol is in inositol products?


Does PurePaleo Protein contain any corn derivatives?

Yes, the vanilla flavor does have contain corn in it. However, the chocolate flavor does not. There is no other corn or corn derivatives in this product.

Digestive Enzymes - Derived from?


How much free glutamic acid is in whey cool?

There is 4.8 grams of bound glutamic acid. There is no free glutamic acid in our product. 

Is Your GI Revive GMO-Free since it contains soy?

Our GI Revive powder use to contain soy lecithin as part of the flavor and our  capsules never did. Current;y, this has been removed from all of our

What is your source of methylmethionine sulfononium in the gastromend hp?

It is a synthetic source. 

Is your Magnesium Malate chelated?

It is the same product. It had a minor formulation change. The Magnesium Malate Chelate was changed as follows: It was 230 mg of Mag Malate and 20 mg

What is Alpha Lipioc Acid in Metabolic Synergy?

Alpha Lipioc Acid is synthetic. 600 mg lipoic acid + 4 mg biotin - prevents the typical reduction in carboxylase enzymes seen in research when lipoic

Is Silvercillin spray colloidal?

No, its not a true colloidal silver which is one silver atom and one oxygen atom. It is a structured silver (4 siilver atoms and 4 oxygen atoms), so it

Does Probiophage DF have yeast in it?

There is no yeast or dairy in this product.

Is there milk in TRF 350 Supplement?

There is no milk in this product. I would talk to your healthcare provider about any reaction or try re-introducing the product and seeing if it is

How much ox bile is in Digestzyme per capsule?

There is 50mg of ox bile per capsule. It is not a problem to take the enzymes with HCL. These proteases are fungal based (aspergillus) and work over a

What are the PurePaleo Protein ingredients?

Amino Acid HydroBeef (per 100g) Alanine 10.1 Arginine 8.3 Aspartic Acid 6.8 Cystine 0.1 Glycine 23.6 Glutamic Acid 11.9 Histidine 1.1 Isoleucine (

What type of oil is used for Vitamin E in your Emulsi-D3 Synergy product?

Vitamin E is from highly refined soybean oil.  It does not contain soy. Highly refined oils are excluded from

Is GI-Revive safe with a shellfish allergy?

If you have a shellfish allergy, I would not take GI-Revive. You can take L-Glutamine powder and Aloe 200x or L-Glutamine powder and GastroMend-HP. 

What type of Folate is in Homocysteine Supreme?

Our  NatureFolate™ is a blend of natural folates including 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) and 5-formyltetrahydrofolate.(5

Is L Glutamine powder Synthetic?

Yes, L-glutamine is synthetic. There are no allergen issues.

Does the Probiophage target pathogenic E coli only, or also E coli overgrowth that is commensal?

The phages do work on specific strains only as stated per our information from Deerland, which are E.coli K‐12, E.coli B, 16 ETEC

What form of Inositol is in Metabolic Synergy?


What is the source of vegatable stearate?

It is from palm.

Does Arthroben Unflavored contain tapioca?

Arthroben Unflavored contains the flavocoxid, collagen peptides, natural taste enhancer, and silicon dioxide. There is no tapioca dextrin in this product.

Is the C 3 Curcumin complex high, medium or low in oxalates?

C3 Curcumin Complex is not a significant source of oxalates and does not increase the risk of kidney stone formation in susceptible individuals.

Does Red yeast rice monacolins?

Our Red yeast rice does contain Monacolins and moacolin k is present at levels that is present in the research.

Do you have cravearrest without 5-HTP?

No we do not. 5-HTP is a main ingredient in this product and specific helps with cravings. Our Adrenotone contains adaptogens similar to CraveArrest, so

From what source is L-Glutamine derived?

It is synthetic..

Is B Supreme made from yeast?

No, our B supreme is synthetic.

What is the vegetable stearate in the Ultra B12-Folate derived from?

Our vegetable stearate is derived from Palm and our microcrystalline cellulose is just the vegetable capsule sourced from Northern American trees.

What is the Vegetable Stearate in GPC Glycerophosphocholine derived from?

Vegetable stearate is derived from palm.

Where do you source your vitamin E?

Our vitamin E is from highly refined soybean oil. The end product does not contain soy. Oils that are "highly refined" do not demonstrate a

What is theVitamin D content in an Osteoben tablet?

There is 1000 IU in 4 capsules.

Is your pure paleo protien powder (hydrolysed beef) from grass feed grass finished cows? Does the hydrdrolysed process denature the protein in any way

The beef is soruced from animals raised in Sweden, without hormones and free of any GMO grains, grasses, hay, and/or ensilage. It is not 100% grass-fed

Is there Dairy or Soy in GI products?

There is no dairy, egg, soy, or gluten in GastroMend-HP or Digestzymes.

Does whey cool have A2 protein?

Yes whey cool has A2 protein

Why is Bioperene not listed with your products that contain Curcumin?

  Piperine does increase bioavailability however, it does this by inhibiting glucuronidation and is a GI irritant, so not the best way to

Does plant enzyme digestive formula have any fruit?

No this product does not contain any fruit. It is fungal derived.

Does NatureFolate conatain Folic Acid?

NatureFolate™ is a blend of natural folates including those from spinach. The folate forms found in NatureFolate are 5-

Is it safe with a nut allergy to use powders?

Yes, they are. The natural hazelnut flavor contains no nuts. 

Does the cc meal bar contain milk? are you able to provide the ingredient list?

Yes, it contains whey protein. 

Are DHEA and DIM Avail gluten free?

Yes, our entire product line is gluten free. 

Is B-Supreme gluten free?

Yes, our entire line is gluten free. 

Why are these ingredients in you product?

The microcrystalline cellulose is just the vegetarian capsule, a tree source and the vegetable stearate is a palm source. The vegetable

What are the ingredients in your soft gels?

Gelatin (bovine), glycerine (palm), and purified water. 

What are the ingredients Magnesium Glycinate?

We disclose any magnesium oxide on our label which is only in our Magnesium Buffered Chelate product. Our Magnesium Chelate powder is a pure magnesium

GI Revive is it Vegan?

Not at this time. The N-Acetyl-Glucosamine is currently sourced from shellfish. An alternative can be Aloe 200x and glutamine powder or GastroMend-HP and

Does PurePaleo Protein contain Creatine?

No, there is no creatine in the PurePaleo Protein. 

Do you have a multi vitamin with no copper?

Our DFH Complete Multi. 

Is the citrus pectin in GI-Revive from oranges?

The citrus pectin in GI Revive is from orange peel. 

What is the source of your Digestzymes product?

The Betaine HCL is synthetic, the proteases are aspergillus (fungal derived) and the ox bile is a bovine source.