Why was magnsium oxide added to the magnesium glyicinate chelate product?

This is a buffered magnesium product and always has been. Just recently however, we have been to disclosed to the buffering agent, hence the Mg oxide appearance. This is a “buffered” magnesium chelate product, which means that it does not provide all of its magnesium in the chelate form. Rather, it is a mix of magnesium bisglycinate chelate and the buffer, which is magnesium oxide. Each capsule provides 150 mg of elemental magnesium. This magnesium is a complex that is pre-made by our supplier Albion, the leader in mineral amino acid chelates. Virtually all the published research on mineral amino acid chelates has been done on Albion mineral chelates. All Albion minerals are kosher, vegetarian, non-GMO, and hypoallergenic. Again, this is not something we added to the Mag Glycinate, it is a complex that is pre-made from our supplier Albion. This has always been the manufacturing process for this product. The magnesium oxide is approximately 20%. Again the product did not change, it was just named more appropriately and the buffering agent has been disclosed on the label. 

Our Magnesium Buffered Chelate should not cause any of the unfavorable gastrointestinal symptoms associated with magnesium supplementation due to the very stable chelate formed between two glycine molecules and each magnesium ion via a patented process. However, for some patients loose stools are a possibility due to the buffering agent. If you were using our Magnesium Glycinate product before with no issues, you should not have a problem with this product since it did not change. Thank you.