I was wondering if you had a protocol that you recommend for SIBO? Thanks

The phages (cocktail) included in Probiophage-DF are very selective/targeted to E-coli and are most useful in SIBO caused by this organism (one of the most common culprits). There are multiple potential culprits in SIBO, including E-coli. Most practitioners think it is mainly Lactobacillus overgrowth in the proximal SI, which appears to not be the most prevalent culprit. 

Common bacteria found in SIBO include Escherichia coli, Enterococcus spp., Klebsiella pneumonia and Proteus mirabilis, among others [Savage, 1977; Bouhnik et al.1999; Frank et al. 2007; Frissora and Cash, 2007
The bacteria that are most commonly overgrown are anaerobes (Bacteroides in 39%, Lactobacillus in 25%, and Clostridium in 20%) and aerobes (Streptococcus in 60%, Escherichia coli in 36%, Staphylococcus in 13%, and Klebsiella in 11%). In another study, the findings showed E coli in 37%, Enterococcus species in 32%, Klebsiella pneumoniae in 24%, and Proteus mirabilis in 6.5%

The main therapy should remain the the gram-negative ‘-cidal’-type interventions (i.e. GI Microb-X), with bacteriophages (Probiophage-DF) being additional concomitant therapy. If Lactobacillus is the issue, I would recommend, GI Microb-X and FloraMyces to avoid lactobacillus containing probiotics.