Product Safety

Why is there a Prop65 Warning on the label?

Why is there a Prop 65 warning label on this product?   1. Proposition 65 is a California law that requires a warning on any products containing

Is color change in urine normal for patients taking DIM Avail?

DIM supplements or DIM-rich foods can change the color of your urine. The darkened urine, as a result of DIM intake, is often tea-colored or dark brown.

What are the uses for PharmaGABA?

In traditional medicine it is thought that GABA will not pass through the blood brain barrier, so taking it orally should not have an effect on mood.

Why does the label say "Not for sale in California?"

Proposition 65 is a California law that requires us to use different labeling on some of our products in CA.  This does not mean that the product

Is GI-Revive safe with a shellfish allergy?

If you have a shellfish allergy, I would not take GI-Revive. You can take L-Glutamine powder and Aloe 200x or L-Glutamine powder and GastroMend-HP. 

Can acetyl glutathione be taken with food?

S-acetyl-glutathione can be taken with or without food. The absorption should not be affected either way. I have no research supporting it crossing the

How do I access the Protocols?

Log into our website. Click on Library, then Protocols.

Does the Acnutrol™ capsules have any side affects such as hair thinning and hair loss?

There have been no reports of any adverse events or side effects.

Is Phosphatidylcholine powder made from a Non-GMO soy source?

The phosphatidylcholine powder is not Non-GMO. There is not a source available at this time. Every lot in our product line is tested for purity, potency,

Is GI Revive safe to use in pregnancy?

Safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been established. Please consult your practitioner. We do not recommend our products containing

Is L Glutamine powder Synthetic?

Yes, L-glutamine is synthetic. There are no allergen issues.

Is MSM Powder safe with a sulfur sensitivity?

MSM provides organic sulfur and is a nutrient. Sulfa-based drugs, also known as sulfonamides, do not occur naturally and are used as antibiotics. The

How much and for how long can one take Silvercillin without causing Argyria or "Blue Man Syndrome"?

Silvercillin is completey distinct and different from tradtional colloidal silver. Argyria (blue man syndrome) has only been seen in cases of colloidal

Does Designs for Health sell products in stores?

No, Designs for Health products are not available for sale in stores. You must have a referring practitioner to order our products. If you are a

I purchsaed Ultra B12-Folate Which was manufactured on 07/12. Is it still good to take since it's 3 years old?

Most of our products do not expire if stored properly, but can lose some potency over time. To ensure optimal potency, we recommend discarding after 2

Can Catecholacalm be used as a sleep aid?

Yes, that is not an issue.

Are the supplements safe to take while breastfeeding?

The DFH Compelete Multi contains Non-GMO corn. There is no milk, egg, shellfish, or gluten in any of these products. All of the above are safe except the

What are the sources of the maltitol and erythritol in Cocommune bars? What are the "natural flavors" listed in the ingredients? Is there any MSG in these bars? Are any ingredients GMO?

The sugar alcohols are derived from corn. The "natural flavors" are proprietary and these suppliers do not give out that information

Is your pure paleo protien powder (hydrolysed beef) from grass feed grass finished cows? Does the hydrdrolysed process denature the protein in any way

The beef is soruced from animals raised in Sweden, without hormones and free of any GMO grains, grasses, hay, and/or ensilage. It is not 100% grass-fed

I need help regarding an allergic reaction to inflammatone.

Please call me directly at 860-752-7443. 

I stored Silvercillin in fridge. Is this ok?

No, that should not be an issue. 

Can I use Periobiotic with pets?

Our products are formulated for human use. I wouldn't use the toothpaste in pets. I don't see any issues with silvercillin.

Is the Vitamin D Vegan?

Our vitamin D is not a vegan source. It is from lanolin.

Does Pure Paleo Protein Powder contain iron?

There is no iron in this product.

Does your OmegaAvail Marine fish oil supplement contain any ingredients sourced from China?

No, our fish oils in our OmegAvail™ TG1000 and our OmegAvail Hi-Po are 100% sourced from certified sustainable US-caught wildAlaskan 

Does the Probiophage target pathogenic E coli only, or also E coli overgrowth that is commensal?

The phages do work on specific strains only as stated per our information from Deerland, which are E.coli K‐12, E.coli B, 16 ETEC

Does gi microb x have the same drug interaction precaution as grapefruit and grapefruit juice because it contains grapefruit seed extract ?

No, it doesn't. This is a seed extract and not all the components that you would have in grapefruit juice.

Is GI MicrobX corn free?

Yes, it is gluten and corn free.

Does DIM effect testosterone levels in women?

DIM is able to support free testosterone without changing total testosterone levels; it does not raise testosterone levels but supports its activity

Can I open the caps of Osteoben and take them with water, as the capsules are too big for me?

Yes, that is not a problem.

Is it normal for the complete multi vitamin pills to be different colors?

yes, that is normal and does not affect the potency and purity.

can i get a copy of your COA for a product

You can log into your account online and once you click on the product under the resources their is a COA in pdf format that you can download.

If I have pea allergy can I still use paleo cleanse?


Is Arthroben safe for use with warfarin?

Yes, Arthroben is considered GRAS and is same for the use with blood thinners as it has no effect on prothrombin time. 

I have a bottle of 5-HTP Synergy that was manufactured on 02/12. Is it still good or should a buy a fresher bottle?

Our products maintain their purity and potency for two years after the manufacture date. I would discard this product. 

Is tinofend safe to take if you have autoimmune disease (hashimoto thyroid)?

I have not seen any research that suggests to avoid this. 

Is inflammatone safe for breast feeding?

Safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been established. We do not recommend our products containing botanicals to be taken during pregnancy or

Metabolic Synergy is it for Hypo/ Hyper glycemia?

  Metabolic Synergy will support both issues with dyglycemia. It should don't cause further lowering of blood sugar. The product is best taken

I am on the 21 Day Paleo Cleanse Plus and experiencing severe diarrhea is that normal?

No, but this can happen during a detoxification program. Please contact your health care provider recommendations. 

Can I do the Paleo Cleanse plus if I take synthroid after thyroid cancer?

We are professional line only. Please contact your healthcare provider for product recommendations. We cannot offer individualized clinical advice or

May I safely and effectively use Thyroid Synergy and Adrenal Complex at the same time?

These can both be used together. It is up to the treating clinician to use together or separate.

Can Probiophage DF be taken on empty stomach?

Probiotics are best taken with food. That's how we get our bacteria typically in the first place. In addition, the food buffers the stomach acid. They

Are there any side effects on thyroid from the Genistein?

This is not a side effect of the Genistein. You can always temporarily discontinue the product and reintroduce. However, we have not had anything like

Are there any known side effects for Homocystin Supreme?

I have not had anything like that reported. Please contact your healthcare provider or me directly to report an adverse reaction (860-752-7443).

Is PaleoGreens safe for pregnant women to take?

Yes it is.

Is there soy in the Complete mineral complex supplement?

There is no soy, corn, diary, or egg in the complete mineral complex.

What are the allergen concerns with Xanthan Gum in GI-Revive powder?

I don't have the specifics. These flavors are proprietary and these suppliers do not give out that information because that Publishis there

Are Broccoli Protect a powder capsule that I can put on my food to eat instead of swallow like a pill?

Sure, I'm just not sure how great that is going to taste.

Is the colostrum that's used in your Cocommune bars from the first milking?

Yes, the colostrum is from the first milking. The only ingredient in Cocommune contributing any sources dairy is the coating. The

Is Glutathione Power™ 50 gm powder synthetic?

Our L-Glutathione is synthetic and contains no other ingredients.  It is yeast, dairy, soy, and gluten free.

What level of antioxidants are in Essential Greens Powder?

One serving has the equivalent antioxidant capacity to 2 servings of fruits and vegetables based on ORAC and our PaleoGreens has 4 servings of fruits and

Does the time released Niacin affect the liver in a negative way?

There are no known toxic metabolites of niacin. The stress to the liver comes from continued “amidation” associated with the

Is L-5-MTHF recommended to be taken with food?

Yes, take L-5-MTHF with food. It does not matter with what meal.

Do you have a complete multi with no iodine?

Not at this time. 75 mcg of iodine is not an issue, especially as compared to normal total dietary intake. The 200mcg probably not either, but

Can I take GI Microb X during breastfeeding?

No, do not take during pregnancy or with breastfeeding. There is not enough research on this.

Is the twice daily multi safe to use while breastfeeding?

Yes, the Twice Daily Multi is safe during breastfeeding.

Are there Bovine ingredients in Arthroben

The collagen peptides are from a bovine source which is tested. Do not use Arhroben if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, Thank you.

Can I take acnutrol while pregnant?

No, discontinue the product while you are pregnant. You can switch over to the Acnutrol Gel and use topically. In addition, take the Prenatal Pro Capsules

Is PaleoMeal strawberry flavor safe during pregnancy

Yes, that is safe.

Why is Pharma Gaba flavor and color strange?

We had MANY complaints about the product having dextrose (sugar) in the product and them wanting it out. The other problem with our old formula, is that

Can the Detox cause constipation

It is possible just the fact that you are consuming less food on the detox program that your transit time has decreased. I would make sure you are getting

Is it ok take antidepressant and hormone replacement meds while doing the 14 days Detox/Cleanse?

Yes it is safe.

Why do some DFH product labels say: contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm?

This is in regards to California's Proposition 65. The reason some of our products contain this warning is due to the presence of lead above 0.5

Is the Probiophage DF hypoallergenic?

Yes, it does not contain any dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, egg, and shellfish. 

Is it safe to take naturefolate if you have an egg allergen?

Egg is a top 8 allergen, we do not have egg in any of our products.

Protocol for a dementia/altzeimers protocol.

See link below. You may have to log into your account. .

Are your protein powders (pea and whey) and fiber and greens safe during pregnancy?

Yes, our protein powders are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Is metabolic synergy safe while breastfeeding?


Is Chromium Synergy safe to take while pregnant?

Yes, chromium is safe to take during pregnancy.

Is it safe to use paleomeal as a substitute for infant formulas?

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide guidance on the use of PaleoMeal  as a substitute for an infant formula, as

Is Ferrochel well aborbed even if person is on a long term proton pump inhibitor therapy?

Yes, Ferrochel is a chelated form of iron that is much more bioavailable and absorbale then iron salts. 

What does this warning label refer to?

Please see attached. Thank you.

Do you test your raw materials for toxins?

We get our raw materials from several vendors. We are an NSF-GMP facility and all of our raw materials are tested for purity, potency, heavy metals,

What drinks and foods should I stay away from during detox?

I would not consume any alcohol during the detoxification program.

Is Power-DF Vanilla safe for nursing women?

Yes, that is not an issue.

Are there any known allergic reactions to Buffered Magnesium Chelate?

There have been no serious adverse reactions reported. However, it is possible to have loose stool with any magnesium product. If you feel you have had an

Is it ok if the C Biofizz has hardened?

It is still going to have it purity and potency. It does not require refrigeration.

Can I give GI Microb - x to my dog?

I can't make that kind of recommendation. Our products are designed for human use. These botanicals are stronger antimicrobials and cannot advise on

Is there any problems with someone allergic to fermented foods/products when using ProBiotics?

There should be no issue with our probiotics unless the patient has a severe dairy allergy.

Is it safe with a nut allergy to use powders powders

The vanilla flavor is ok.

Is GI Revive safe for a person with a shellfish allergy?

If a person has a food allergy (IgE), I would avoid this product. I would use just our L-glutamine powder and Aloe 200x or L-glutamine powder and

Is there rice flour in your Complete Mineral Complex?

There is no rice flour in this product.

is there any wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, corn, rice derivatives in your P-5-P formula?

No, is there any wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, corn, rice derivatives in our P-5-P formula.

Can I still take vitamins during the 14 day detox?

Yes, you can still take vitamins during the 14 day detox.

How are you preventing the possibility of Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy in your collagen peptide products (e.g., Arthroben)?

Our collagen supplier specializes in manufacturing a variety of gelatin derived proteins since 1875 and maintains an excellent reputation regarding

If someone is allergic to shell fish, is there any type of omega fish oil that can be taken

There is no shellfish in our fish oil products.

my vitamin d drops are clear this time last bottle they were cloudy why the difference?

This is due to a vendor change and nothing to do with the purity and potency of the product.

Can I remove the insides of a capsule to administer to children

Yes, you can pull the capsules apart and mix them with food.

Is GI Revive safe for a person with a shellfish allergy?

N-Acetyl Glucosamine contains shellfish and is a key ingredient in this formula. We have other GI support products such as GastroMend-HP, Glutamine, and

My coQ nol has always been a deep red color and is now a honey color, is it safe?

Yes, color changes can occur from batch to batch

Are Designs for Health vitamins synthetic?

At Designs for Health we are committed to producing the highest quality, safe and effective nutritional products, containing therapeutic levels of

Does Designs for Health test there products

Yes, all of our raw materials as well as finished products are third-party tesed for heavy metals lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium. Thanks.

Can I open Gel Caps and just take what is inside?

Any of our vegetable capsules can be taken apart and taken.  This can be rather difficult with gel caps. 

What is Designs for Health doing to combat the unauthorized sale of products online and in retail?

Designs for Health is a professional line of supplements and medical foods.  We do not sell to retail stores or directly to consumers.  All

If a patient has an IgE allergy to Soybean can they still take supplements that contain soy lecithin?

Soy lecithin contains trace amounts of soy proteins and these have been found to include soy allergens. However, soy lecithin does not contain sufficient

Do you have anything comparable to the standard process Cataplex?

Homocysteine Supreme or B-Supreme are better alternatives to Cataplex.